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Crazy Heart trailer online

CrazyHeart.jpgI missed this trailer when it popped up, it's the trailer for Crazy Heart, a new film starring Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Colin Farrell and the superb Robert Duvall.

It tells the story of an aged country music singer whose life has really broken him down and through his many marriages he now finds himself drinking too much and travelling from small time gig to small time gig. Then a journalist arrives and tries to bring out and document the real man and we follow him through redemption.

It's a similar tale that we've heard before, but that cast front list is a superb one, particularly with Jeff Bridges taking the lead. We all know the way it will go and that it will turn with the traditional emotional redemption drama, but these actors might be the ones to bring something different to it.

Here's the trailer for Crazy Heart you to be led along the worn path.

Anything different there?



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