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Cycler teenage girl-boy swap story

Cycler.jpgWow, I really struggled writing a title for this that could explain what the film was about and wasn't five hundred words long! Cycler is the story of a teenage girl who for four days every month turns into a teenage boy, and I mean completely, even with full male anatomy, and after the four days turns back to a girl.

The successful book series is to be adapted into a film, and I find that fascinating because there's a huge scope for this project and how it could turn out on screen.

I haven't read the Cycler books (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) myself, so perhaps someone else could tell us what tone they take, although since they are described as a “young adult” series I imagine the tone is pretty light, but coming to film the scope is broadened somewhat.

The story of Jill, who for four days every month completely turns into a boy, could really delve into the psychological as well as physical strains it would place on someone. Now I'm not just talking about the social peer pressure from other teenagers, the problems of what to wear and how to behave as a boy, and the tugging between social groups, no that's what I expect from a “young adult” series and what will no doubt end up being the final film.

No, I mean something much more deeper and fundamental. The psychological effects of a woman actually being a man, the problems of suddenly waking up with a whole range of different hormones rushing through your body that, at a prominent time of sexual awakening, would be pushing you on to do something that yesterday your body just didn't want to, or think of doing. That intensity of hormone induced sexual feeling alone would be an immense thing to deal with.

Then there are all the revelations that the plot could deal with between being a girl and a boy, and not just on a superficial level or a “hey look I've got a willy!” level either.

However I fear that the story will go superficial and will be much more light hearted than we would hope for as the story from The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the Lauren McLaughlin written series of novels has been bought and the write up reads like this:

The novels tell the story of Jill, a suburban teenager who for four days each month turns into Jack, complete with male anatomy and 17-year-old-boy fantasies. Jill has maintained her life of ordinary teenage worries, such as going to the prom and dealing with crush, but that changes when Jack, tired of being locked in his room, begins to escape, causing damage to her social life.

Yes, that sounds very light and joke filled indeed. “Damage to her social life”? Oh the missed possibilities.

However Cycler has Susan Montford and Don Murphy as producers, and they have a real mixed bag of films behind them going from adult to teenage with a real bent towards the more adult fare. I wonder if they might see the vision here?

What am I saying? It's Hollywood. We're looking to the light hearted, social life destruction story.



Sounds interesting to me.


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