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Death Race: Frankenstein Lives plot confusion

DeathRace.jpgFar from being a rumour, the last update on the next Death Race film came from one of the main producers behind the film, Jeremy Bolt, and he revealed that the film would be a prequel, looking at not only Frankenstein, but two other lead characters Lists and Case.

So today when a casting call comes out for the film that asks for the lead characters there are two very contradictory pieces of information. First these two don't appear to be the leads and secondly there doesn't really appear to be any change in the plot.

The casting call starts with the plot of the film:

STORY LINE: Newly arrived at Terminal Island, a prison for the most nonredeemable of convicts, CARL "LUKE" LUCAS must prove his mettle in a race to the death...

Well that seems to be starting just exactly the same way as the previous film, Death Race. I'm sure it could go different ways from there, but what I'm expecting from that is more racing in prison, with the only prequel part of it seeing some of the leading characters from the previous film going a little younger in their character journey but being in more or less the same place.

Okay. Well looking at the casting call from SpoilerTV through HorrorMovies it's pretty clear that the character of Lists isn't even a lead, why not? Well against the lead characters it says the word lead in capitals, no such word against Lists.

Next we have the blurb for Carl “Luke” Lucas:

Right-hand man to a notorious mobster for twelve years, he is sent away for life after killing a cop in the course of robbing a bank. Offered a deal by the DA if he turns state's evidence, Lucas opts to take his chances behind bars, where he soon captures the attention of a violence-peddling television producer. Possessed of some serious driving skills, assertive, strong, and charismatic, Lucas is a natural fit for the ultimate test, aka, the Death Race.

Well that does sound like exactly the same film.

Then there's the character of September Jones who brings us more:

When ratings for her gladiator-style television show begin plummeting, September is quick to come up with the "Death Race" concept, thrilled by its stunning success...

Oh and a quick warning, don't read the casting call section for the character of Gunner, you'll get a big plot twist revealed. Well when I say big, it's not really, after all this is just a remake of the remake.

What was Jeremy Bolt talking about, this is hardly the prequel he was suggesting. Extremely disappointing I have to say, just as well it's going direct to DVD.



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