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Death Race prequel title and plot revealed

DeathRace.jpgNot that we're really interested, but there's a sequel already being talked about, and it looks like the planning is well on its way to seeing a film being made.

However it's not a sequel, it's a prequel, and despite the story we heard before that it might be focussing on Frankenstein, the lead driver at the centre of all the Death Race films, it seems that it's not just about him, but about some of the new characters dreamed up in Paul W.S. Anderson's recent remake.

According to the producer Jeremy Bolt, there's more than just Frankenstein in this prequel to Death Race as we heard before, this is going to be based on a script by Tony Giglio which we heard was going to look back at Frankenstein, the main driver at the head of Death Race.

Well now Bolt has revealed that it's a little more than that, through ShockTillYouDrop he says that it's an original film “in every sense”:

”Not simply of the Death Race or Frankenstein, but of [characters] Lists and Case...

...I also took painstaking efforts to make certain that this prequel organically sets up a lot of the stuff that was in the original. Frankenstein is a bad ass. Unlike Statham's character in the original, Carl Lucas is a bad guy. He wasn't framed. He's not fighting to get out to save his children. He's a convicted cop killer. A guy who's worked for the mob his whole life. A true anti-hero. The idea was 'Mad Max.' He'll do the right thing, but only if it serves him. I hope that gives this film an edge most don't.”

They also have the scoop on the new title. Death Race: Frankenstein Lives. It's a confusing title since, if it's a prequel, it's the origin of the character before he became Frankenstein, so why would it say he lives? Unless it refers to the previous Frankenstein and he lives because this is the character who takes over his mantle and...

...wait, why am I even trying to analyse this? It's Death Race.



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