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Death Race sequel

DeathRace.jpgIt's official, there's going to be a sequel to the remake by Paul W.S. Anderson of Death Race 2000, Death Race, although to be fair that was actually a prequel which went back to the origin of the Death Race idea.

In the sequel, it's already been hinted at, the film will follow on from the prison race and look more to the lead race character, however it won't catch up with the original Death Race 2000, not just yet anyway.

It seems that Universal have agreed to make the sequel for Death Race and are using a script from Tony Giglio which looks more to the past of the racing car driver known as Frankenstein, apparently from an idea by Paul W.S. Anderson himself.

There's no director attached yet, according to ShockTillYouDrop, but they are looking, and although it was thought Giglio might direct, he's not.

Personally I can't see the need to have another film on the subject unless they are going to modernise the idea of Death Race 2000 itself, that's the real direction that I think this series should take and not shoot off to look at the character behind the racing driver of Frankenstein. I mean where's the Death Race in that?



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