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Depp swaps roles on The Tourist

JohnnyDepp.jpgThe Tourist is having it's fair share of troubles, but then lot's of productions go through changes, probably just not as many changes as other productions at this level, mind you as changes go this one's good and sees Johnny Depp joining the cast with Sam Worthington passing onto another project.

It's not just Worthington that's off though, it's the director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, and now word is that Alfonso Cuaron is set to start talking to join up.

The Tourist, adapted by Julian Fellowes from the original French film Anthony Zimmer, has been up and down on its cast list, and seems to be struggling to keep moving straight towards production.

However some good news remains on the project according to The Hollywood Reporter, and that's Angelina Jolie, she's still there for now, however I suspect that her staying on the project depends upon the new director and whatever script changes he brings.

I'm not sure if the merry-go-round has finished on this film yet, it feels like it has plenty more to go when a director is finally chosen and they put their own touches to the script. Let's see if Jolie remains on board for long.

Back to the point in hand though, Johnny Depp taking over from Sam Worthington could be seen as a good thing, except I do miss the actor of Depp and not the comedic pirate player. I wonder if the audience can forget his pirate character enough.



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