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Eminem following Snoop Dogg

Eminem.jpgEminem is going to be starring in a 3D film, and more than that he'll be leading a film that sounds very much like Creepshow, or rather Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror, a series of connected stories that will also end up being turned into a comic book series. That does sound just like Snoop Dogg's film.

Shadey Talez, what a cool title that is, has few details out about it, but there's plenty to tell us what it will end up like, although the talent behind the scenes might suggest something a little deeper, even if the 3D medium doesn't.

I think we're in for a series of gang and horror related stories strung together by Slim Shadey talking about the morals of them in between, perfectly like Hood of Horror. Now that might not be too bad considering that Snoop Dogg's effort had some really cool aspects to it, some recognisable names and some interesting tales to tell, all of which had something positive to say to the viewer.

However the question is do we need another one? Do we really need Eminem standing there preaching morals between stories to us? Hopefully it'll be varied enough from Snoop Dogg's film to be something distinctive though.

According to the ScreenDaily article Eminem is also set to produce along with John Davis, Dallas Jackson and Underworld story creator Kevin Grevioux, who happens to be co-writing the screenplay for Shadey Talez with Jackson.

I'm not so sure this will be so different, but the good thing is the talent and the budget might be larger than Hood of Horrors.



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