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English Salt trailer online

AngelinaJolie.jpgThe English language trailer for Salt has appeared online, just shortly after the Russian one was leaked, now this is the way to deal with leaks, follow it up and quash it with the release of the proper version as soon as possible.

See, we're all going to have forgotten about the Russian version, except for the Russian audience obviously, for the English speakers amongst us the new trailer adds something else, story and narrative. Of course we could do with a better cut that gives us more story.

Still, it looks a good trailer and an interesting film. The idea that the agent is a woman looks set to give much more emotional depth to the character and the film, and so maybe we'll end up with a more intelligent and perhaps realistic Bourne?

The very fact that Phillip Noyce is helming Salt makes me think that, then add in Brian Helgeland and Kurt Wimmer's script, bear in mind he just brought us Law Abiding Citizen, and there definitely could be more to this than a simple female Bourne film don't you think?

See the trailer for yourself and decide, is she, or isn't she?

You can also see the high definition trailer over at Yahoo Movies.



Looks good to me. Story seems interesting enough. Always nice to see some female lead driven movies.


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