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Exam trailer finally online

Exam.jpgExam, the psychological thriller from British director Stuart Hazeldine, has finally appeared online. I say finally because I actually saw it at the Edinburgh International Film Festival earlier this year, the trailer that is, and it looked really interesting. However it fell fowl of the problems that often do with films at the EIFF press screenings, it clashed, and so it was missed. Yet it played well to the public audience.

Now the trailer has been released we might get a chance to see the full film in all its glory. It's a puzzling thriller that sees a group of eight people sit down for an exam, an exam with no questions, just a few rules.

The eight people are candidates for some high-powered job which we don't really know anything about. They are sat down in a locked room with one security guard who they aren't allowed to talk to, and there's nothing on the exam papers.

Stuart Hazeldine, who word has it is set to direct The Tripods, wrote, produced and directed Exam that stars Jimi Mistry, Colin Salmon, Luke Mably, Adar Beck, Nathalie Cox, and other names you might recognise from some smaller television roles.

It looks a good film, and I'm really annoyed that so much clashed with the both the press and public screenings that I missed it. Let's not make that mistake when it gets released. Mind you it's getting a UK release on the 8th of January 2010.

It's a wait, so go see the trailer, which Empire are holding onto and not letting anyone embed.

Update: I've managed to pull the trailer in:

Now you're back, what do you think? Looks interesting doesn't it?



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