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Extraordinary Measures trailer online

BrendanFraser.jpgHow do you market one of these true story, heart tugging films, much less how do you make it. Well you can play the middle of the road of the genre and hit every tick box, or you could be bold and do something incredibly different, perhaps the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if it doesn't fit the model, whatever. Just go for something bold and imaginative.

Extraordinary Measures is one of these true story, heart tugging films that decides, despite the strong cast, to go right for that middle of the road. Mind you, it plants itself there very firmly and very well.

The film tells the story of John Crowley, or rather it carries those fateful words, “inspired by the true story of...”, which gives the film artistic license to do anything they damn well please on the story and still retain the names and the premise of fact. Of course we'd have to root around for the truth, but the majority of audience members will turn up at the doors to make their potential girlfriend's weep or to have a good cry regardless.

Anyway, John Crowley is building his family's life up through the normal middle class working problems when his career begins to pick up. He's fast tracked forwards and looks set to leap to the fore, that's when he finds that two of his three children have a fatal disease. Unsurprisingly for the film story there is no cure, except for one strange scientist who has his own unique way of working which puts him far outside that of the normal science community.

Are you ticking as we go? Well he finds him, and the scientist needs hundreds of thousands to finish his research that might just save his children, so they team up to do it, struggle, fight, and find wonderful times together on the way.

My pen's run out of ink with all this box ticking, can we move on?

Extraordinary Measures stars Brendan Fraser as the husband, looking well out of place at times in the trailer, and Harrison Ford as the scientist, which to me seems good casting for the actor. Keri Russell stars as the mother of the children, as understanding as the story will need her to be, and it's all directed by Tom Vaughan a Scotsman who gave us What Happens in Vegas, and written by Robert Nelson Jacobs who wrote The Shipping News and Chocolat, adapted from Geeta Anand's book.

So that's all there is to know about it. Have a look at the trailer and see what your emotions are telling you afterwards.

You know I did pick out Harrison Ford there for looking good in the role, but there's also Courtney B. Vance, Dee Wallace, Jared Harris and Patrick Bauchau. Interesting cast. Could it really break free of the mould of this trailer?



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