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Family Guy's Star Wars take off continues

FamilyGuy-Darkside.jpgNot really film, but it's damn cool and well worth talking about. It's the new Family Guy film take off of the Star Wars saga, with Family Guy: Something Something Something Darkside.

The trailer isn't as great as Family Guy: Blue Harvest was, and I'll include that one for you too, but it's still looking like a lot of fun and worth a few giggles. However it's Family Guy, and you just know the comedy in the show will be hilarious.

Here's the trailer for Family Guy: Something Something Something Darkside with some utterly genius moments. You can also watch it in high definition over at Apple trailers.

For those of you who don't know, Family Guy have already produced their shortened, and hilarious version, of Star Wars, and this is the follow-up. Hopefully they are going to be able to complete the trilogy, and perhaps tackle the tagged on, Star Wars-lite films too.

Here's the trailer for the latest in the series:

Here's the old Family Guy: Blue Harvest trailer for you for a bit of a comparison.





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