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Far Cry trailer online

UweBoll.jpgThe trailer for Uwe Boll's film adaptation of the video game Far Cry is online, and it's up to you to decide if it's any good.

When it started I have to admit I began thinking that it might be a new version of Commando, there was that potential there, and it features a good lead and a fantastic bad guy, but then I watched past the first few seconds and my eyes started to hurt from the fast cuts.

That seems to be a feature of this trailer, there are so many cuts that you'll find it hard to discover what's actually going on, I know I did. There's absolutely nothing to follow other than a few scenes with dialogue, and even then they are sometimes just dropped in between explosions. This is just a showreel of heavily cropped action moments.

Now either that means it's hiding something really bad or the trailer was made very badly. I'm going for the former, after all there's a track record to consider with Uwe Boll.

Still, Far Cry does star Til Schweiger, Craig Fairbrass, Udo Kier, Emmanuelle Vaugier and a few other decent names. Oh, and it stars Natalia Avelon who gets a terrible deal in this trailer, both her spoken lines in it sound like the worst actor in the world...ever.

The trailer comes from IGNIGN through /Film.

Now I expect a knock at the door with a foreign gentleman wanting to beat me up for expressing independent thought because of his own pent up anxieties.

Seriously, what did you think of Uwe Boll's latest?



This is out on DVD in the UK. I've seen it in a few places.

Seen the cover, or picked it up and taken it home?!


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