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Fright Night gets a new writer

FrightNight.jpgWe heard that the superb Fright Night was getting a remake back in September of 2007, then in January of 2009 we heard it had been killed off, until May of that year when it was all stations go again, and it was rumoured to be a big budget film aimed at the higher end market.

Now news is out that the film has a new writer on the case, and their past credits are Mad Men and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and that sounds promising indeed.

If you don't remember the original, or worse haven't seen it, here's a quick recap. Fright Night is a superb film that pulls together horror and comedy superbly well and gets some great actors together with an excellent script. Tom Holland delivered a superb film which I still enjoyed watching when I saw it again just last year. It stars Chris Sarandon as a strange neighbour who moves in next door to Charley Brewster played by William Ragsdale. Charley is suspicious, he sees some strange things going on and before long believes that his neighbour is a vampire.

Both his best friend, "Evil" Ed played by Stephen Geoffreys, and his girlfriend Amy, played by Amanda Bearse, don't believe him, and neither does the man who he approaches hoping to help him kill the vampire, Peter Vincent played by the excellent Roddy McDowall, the late night horror showcase host whose film career has fallen behind him and has become a sad, embittered man. He's about to realise that everything he's been hiding behind on his horror show is in fact real, and the terror they are all about to face is far more terrifying than anything they've seen before.

So that's the film, and when I say there's a healthy dose of comedy in there, there really are some good laughs to go along with the horror and the fun characters. So I wonder if they'll be able to top it.

This is good news in a way, because it puts to bed the completely crazy rumours that a reader has been posting on that story. Wild, crazy and all over the place, but completely unfounded since there weren't even writers on the job. There are now though.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter says that Marti Noxon is set to write the script and that the film is going to keep the same tone as the original and modernise the effects. Okay, I get the effects, but keeping the same tone could mean converting it to the dry, often lifeless American comedy we see all too often these days relying on poor humour.

However it's got a strong starting point and a good writer. Could this Fright Night remake actually fly? Oh, and please don't neuter these vampires and make them the campires of the Twilight world.



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