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Fuqua directing comic Miss: Better Living Through Crime

AntoineFuqua.jpgAntoine Fuqua is set to direct the adaptation of a comic book/graphic novel called Miss: Better Living Through Crime by Philippe Thirault, Marc Riou and Mark Vigouroux. The comic tells the story of a prostitute and her pimp who team up and begin a huge crime spree in the early 1900's.

It sounds an interesting story, kind of like a mixed up Bonnie and Clyde story, and in the hands of Antoine Fuqua it could be absolutely superb.

The story, according to Variety through Empire, will follow the characters of Nola and Slim who, in the early 1900's, team up and become killers for hire. Nola is a poor young white girl who has learned to survive on the streets through any means necessary, and Slim is a black pimp with a past that is unknown, but will surely out during the story.

John Ridley is the one behind the script adaptation of the graphic novel, he just wrote the George Lucas story for the film Red Tails, and so he adds another powerful and interesting choice to the cast behind the scenes.

There's not much else on the story, but the thought that Antoine Fuqua is directing an action film is something I'm excited about - I wish he had ended up doing The A-Team, mind you that's not to detract from the fact that Joe Carnahan is heading it up, not at all.

I've always enjoyed Fuqua's films, and this is definitely one I'll keep my eye on. You should too.



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