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Gibson suggests Braveheart gave Scotland independence

Braveheart.jpgLet's face facts, the Scottish people have always wanted some form of independence and autonomy from the UK, like Wales and Ireland, there's a strong sense of who we are and a strong place in our hearts for our history.

What I can say is that I don't believe that Braveheart made Scotland independent at all. In fact, if anything, it did highlight how we lost our country in the first place, and it's not as clear cut as some poetic views of history might like us to think.

However while Mel Gibson was talking about his films to the Australian press, and together they placed Braveheart in an important place in modern Scottish history, much more than the people and the SNP who together were the ones responsible for making Scotland more independent.

Here's what Mel Gibson and the Australian Herald Sun said about Braveheart through JoBlo:

The film's political impact on Scotland also is not lost on the former Australian, despite the fabrications added to spice up the script for entertainment appeal.

He agrees the movie partially led to a political upheaval in Scotland, which resulted in the country being granted autonomy from the UK Government only a few years later.

''I became really aware of what a piece of art could do to change things,'' he says.

''When I think it was just shortly after this, and I think Scotland was on the way to this anyway, they received some kind of partial autonomy and now I think they got the whole banana, right? It certainly started the ball rolling.

Well not quite Mel, but good to see you're keeping up with Scottish politics. Mind you, why would you? It was only a film, and a film that really twisted historical fact and was mainly filmed in Ireland. Yeah, great sense of Scottish history.

Look, don't get me wrong, I don't mind about Braveheart, it was very entertaining, and I think Mel Gibson is a great talent, but Braveheart did not give Scotland independence and it didn't spur us on to do it either.

We're getting there, and it's because of politics and real history. Braveheart is an entertaining film.



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