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Girl Number 9 trailer online

GirlNumber9.jpgGirl Number 9 was released at the end of October in the UK but I must admit to not noticing it, mainly because it's a web series and my experience of them aren't great, but there are a number of recognisable British television actors in here, and the writer of Severance writes and co-directs.

There's Gareth David-Lloyd from Torchwood, Joe Absolom from Eastenders, and also Tracy-Ann Oberman from Eastenders, all three recognisable faces and it's Absolom who walked out of the British soap and started to prove he could really act.

It's not just the talent in front of the camera though there's James Moran who wrote Severance who has written this six part web released thriller that can be seen for free on the official site until the end of November, so you don't have long. However then there will be a DVD release with a ton of extras.

Through six, five minute episodes, we see the story of Vincent Boylan, a man arrested on suspicion of being a serial killer who has killed six women. However the police can't prove it and have a limited time to get a confession.

Detective Matheson is leading the investigation and together with his female boss Lyndon, they are trying to extract the confession, but pretty soon they discover that they aren't leading things, it's Boylan in control and he's playing a sick game.

You can see the trailer through Twitch right here:

...and a teaser if you'd like. No, sorry can't do that. For some reason they don't want the teaser seen off the main site.

The web episodes can be seen on the official site right now, and are there for sometime. They also have Facebook and Twitter tie-ins too, and it looks like it's worth a visit.



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