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Greengrass leaves Bourne 4

PaulGreengrass.jpgPaul Greengrass has reportedly left the production of Bourne 4, and the reasons seem to be down to not seeing eye to eye on the budgeting and the appointment of a new writer.

What does this mean for Bourne 4? Well the studio could be looking for a new director, but Matt Damon is apparently a keen fan of Greengrass (no wonder, he keeps giving him work) and if Greengrass is off there's a question of whether Damon will be too.

The story seems to be that the studio appointed a new writer to the script without approval from Paul Greengrass, and he was a bit miffed.

Josh Zetumer was the man brought in by the studio to create a parallel script for Bourne 4, i.e. to write a script and see what they come back with, and if it's good then they'll use that one instead. It's something studios have done a number of times. However Greengrass apparently doesn't like that.

If the rumours are to be believed though, this is only part of the problem that's been going on for a while, and the big underlying problem has been growing budget.

Paul Greengrass likes to change things as he shoots, filming a few multiple options, revisiting and refilming, and making the story as the film is made, sometimes changing it quite drastically.

The Playlist reveal that the budget of his latest film Green Zone has a budget near US $150 million, and this was originally meant to be a director pleaser from the studio to let him come back and make the fourth Bourne a happy man, but not at that price.

The article over at Playlist really does delve into the background of what's happened between the studio and the director, and they warn that with Matt Damon being a faithful fan of Paul Greengrass, he too may walk away from Bourne 4, and then where would the film be? Hopefully nowhere, and the director and actor could move onto other, new projects that have some sparks of originality and allow them to step away from the shaky cam and tightly cropped films.



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