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Jones' next film Source Code

DuncanJones.jpgDuncan Jones won't be making Mute just yet as he leaps onto a new film which is already set to star Jake Gyllenhaal. The film, Source Code, sounds an intriguing one, but isn't the planned next film that takes place in the same universe as Moon (Filmstalker review) did.

I'm surprised this morning to read that Jones is assigned to direct and that Gyllenhaal is already attached to direct, it does sound as though the film already had Gyllenhaal assigned before Jones came on, otherwise decisions have been kept quiet for a long time.

Not that any of it really matters, what matters is the story behind the name of the film and what it's about, and it sounds an interesting one that could be right up Duncan Jones' street.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the film tells the story of a man who wakes up in the body of a commuter and has to solve the mystery of a train explosion, presumably before the train explodes with them on it.

That's the short version, I found that /Film had a lengthier write up of the story from the script by Ben Ripley and rewritten by Billy Ray.

The man wakes up on a train he doesn't remember taking, in a body he doesn't recognise when everyone around him does, for he's a regular commuter on the train according to the other passengers.

At one point he discovers a bomb in the bathroom of the train, and as he does it explodes and kills him and everyone else on it.

Then he awakes again, this time in a special unit where he discovers that he's been living through a virtual simulation of the explosion so that he can try and discover who blew up the train.

It seems that he can repeat the time frame of the simulation and relive the moment again and again, and soon there's a realisation that he may actually be able to change things too.

While the film comparisons in that article are rife, something I'm not keen on doing as every film is it's own, it does remind me very strongly of Deja Vu (Filmstalker review) and other films, but that's just because sections of the written plot sound similar, overall the script for Source Code sounds innovative and new, and perfect for Duncan Jones.

Let's see what he can do with it, and it's kind of interesting that Jake Gyllenhaal is the lead, he wouldn't be my first choice for the lead, but maybe he can do something different from many of the other roles we've seen him play.



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