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Judge Dredd remake continues

JudgeDredd.jpgI remember when I first heard about Sylvester Stallone taking the role of Judge Dredd and I was excited, he really did look the part and fit the bill, and I thought it could be superb casting. Then the script and direction missed the point, and while I think they produced a fun action film, it wasn't Judge Dredd, not at all.

So it's no surprise if there's thought of a remake, re-imagining, or re-whatever, but there's a bit of surprise when we hear that there was supposedly a meeting today about the film and that the artist and writer behind The Losers comics were part of the discussion.

Mark Simpson, the artist also known as Jock, drew The Losers comic books as well as drawing Judge Dredd for a number of years over at 2000AD, and possibly Andy Diggle, the writer of The Losers, soon to be a film itself, were at a meeting about the new Judge Dredd film.

The story comes from Simpson's Twitter account through SuperheroHype, so it's certain that he was actually in a meeting about a Judge Dredd film, but I'm not sure if the involvement of the writer Andy Diggle is anything more than speculation.

Regardless the news has come out from Simpson, and it reminds us that back in December of 2008 the news appeared that there was a Judge Dredd film in development, something far from the original Judge Dredd. Back then there was little news other than the production company behind 28 Weeks Later and Sunshine (Filmstalker review) was backing the film, and then in September the following year Alex Garland was assigned to write the script.

I wonder why the comic artist and writer were being pulled into the meeting? Are they considering turning it into an animation? Talking about comic book tie-ins? Just having them in to pick their brains and try and understand the back story of the character?

Frankly I'm a little confused, unless Simpson is getting involved to draw the conceptual artwork. Still, it reminds us that the production is actually happening, in some way.



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