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Kull the Conqueror to get remake?

Kull.jpgKull the Conqueror was a film from 1997, doesn't seem that long ago really, but there's talk of a remake already. Well remake may be unfair because it seems that this new film is going back to the original source, the Robert E. Howard character who first appeared in 1929, well before Conan.

It would seem that if this project comes to fruition, it will beat any Conan film to the cinema and maybe steal his thunder, something that Conan once did to Kull as Howard wote Conan from the original Kull character and stories.

The original Kull character was moved into Britain at a time when the Picts were fighting the Romans and over time became a well read character. His first film outing in 1997 saw the character killing a King in battle and taking his title and land after the King hands him his crown. However the heirs to the throne want Kull defeated and the realm returned to them, and they resurrect an ancient witch to help them defeat him, a witch who wants the kingdom to be ruled by demons. You can read more about Howard's Kull on Wikipedia.

It was the last film that John Nicolella directed, and starred Kevin Sorbo as Kull and Tia Carrere as the witch.

Now the French site Fantasy.fr through ComicBookMovie has the news that Fredrik Malmberg, CEO of Paradox Entertainment, revealed in an interview that they are developing a new adaptation of Kull the Conqueror.

There's no other word about the adaptation, just that they are working on it. So it could really be in the early stages of development, and by that I mean that they could just be beginning to talk about the idea amongst the executives. That could be a long wait yet.

Would you like to see a Kull film over a Conan?



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