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Lawrence's In his Small World

InTheSmall.jpgFrancis Lawrence hasn't done much since his superb outing in I Am Legend (Filmstalker review), since then he's had his name tied in with nine other projects, and we're still waiting to see one of them. Despite these titles there's word of another one that's popped up, In the Small, and it's an interesting choice.

The film is going to see a huge event leaving all of humanity just a mere six inches tall. That's just the beginning though, as humans have to work together to survive new threats as they become just another part of nature's food chain, a new and existential threat faces them.

It's strange idea, but it comes from the graphic novel by Michael Hague (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) and first time screenwriter Laura Harrington has had the first stab at the script and delivered the first draft, according to Pajiba through Latino Review and it's on the slate for Francis Lawrence.

There's not a lot of information about the script, but looking around gives us a little more information than the blurb above.

The story does begin with the cataclysmic event of a blue light that washes over the Earth and causes everyone to shrink to a sixth of their normal size, become hunted by so many other creatures, suddenly, humans are in danger from some serious predators.

So we focus on two characters Mouse and Beatrix who round up survivors and group them together to make a new society. After the event Beatrix begins building a sustainable community in the house she and her family lived in, while Mouse returns from the city leading a group home.

During the novel the revelation of what caused the event is never made clear, leading to a series, and also giving the film some room to make something open ended, or perhaps to allow Lawrence to make of the story what he will.

Still, it could be a long way off and perhaps Hague will be finished the story and offer up some reveals by then, after all Francis Lawrence has nine other titles sitting on his slate, mind you some of them, such as the I Am Legend prequel, could just be speculation and may never come to fruition.

However over at Newsarama we hear from Michael Hague himself who reveals a few more things about the story, most notably that it is a series and that he has the second already written.

”I've written another one. It has the same sort of ending, where it looks like this might continue. I always liked stories that ended like that – “This isn’t the end, everything isn’t all nicely wrapped up, the story continues.” And yes, I would like to continue doing these.”

He also reveals that the film rights were bought up in a crazy amount of time.

”It’s been pretty amazing, actually! My agent in New York had contacted an agent in CAA, and he agreed to take the project on, and someone contacted him…and one day I got a phone call asking if I was willing to take a group call with Warner Brothers and Weed Road Pictures, because they had an offer for the movie. I asked my agent if it always happens like this, and he said, “No, it never happens like this!” So in the span of about four hours, I had a movie deal! And it’s been very exciting.”

So with two stories already written and possibly more on the way before the film gets a final script, there might be a lot more to tell about the story than just this open ended blurb we've heard so far.



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