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Leaves of Grass trailer online

LeavesofGrass.jpgEdward Norton, who hasn't really had a strong run of films of late, is featuring in a new trailer online called Leaves of Grass. Not just in one role though, in two, playing twins, a set-up that hasn't really worked well many times before.

Leaves of Grass is a film about twin brothers who have been separated for some time. One is a loser drug dealer and the other an Ivy League professor. When the loser is murdered the professor returns to their home town to bury him. However when he's mistaken for his loser brother he discovers that his brother is alive and needs him to do one more favour.

That favour is to pretend to be him and somehow fix things. It's not entirely clear what he has to do there for the trailer, well, trails off a little, but it's still pretty interesting, if incredibly light.

He stars alongside Susan Sarandon, Keri Russell, Richard Dreyfuss and Tim Blake Nelson.

See what you think, here's the trailer for Leaves of Grass starring Edward Norton.



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