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Mamma Mia! the prequel

MammaMia.jpgThere's been talk of a sequel to the film Mamma Mia! for some time, after all it's hugely successful and made a lot of money, it would be crazy not to tap into the audience that continually goes crazy for the musical in all forms once again.

News today has suggested that the next instalment will actually be a prequel and not a sequel, and that would suggest that the film would look at the "summer of love" when YY had affairs with three very different men and conceived her child who is at the centre of the Mamma Mia! musical with her marriage and search for her father.

Mamma Mia! (Filmstalker review) started life as a stage musical, and it was a huge success. It wasn't until the success was clearly seen and utilised that the idea of the film version came about, and that produced a film musical to rival the ones most loved to date. Multiple versions of the DVD release have continued to keep sales high, and the musical is still doing the rounds on stages everywhere.

The rumours of a film sequel have been about since the film started doing so well, but I've always been a little bit sceptical, and thinking of how money focused the studios are, I would have thought that they would want a new stage musical to tour first to build the fan base and make money before adapting for film.

That's certainly the model that the Phantom of the Opera sequel employed, and that's where I thought Mamma Mia! would go.

So this morning as I caught the news on the local radio station, Forth One, and their excellent Boogie in the Morning breakfast show, I overheard the tail end of some entertainment news - Mamma Mia! the prequel is expected to start development for the stage, and the names behind it think that it could earn hundreds of millions of pounds.

Now I didn't catch all of the story, but what I did hear said that the stage musical was being eyed, not the film, at least not yet.

The big news though was that it was a prequel.

Now there wasn't an elaboration on that, but it wouldn't be too far from believability to think that this would turn to that period where Donna Sheridan, Meryl Streep's character, had affairs with Bill, Sam and Harry - Stellan Skarsgård, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth respectively - and conceived their daughter, Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried.

Personally I just don't see the sequel working, I mean what are they going to do other than put the daughter through the same situation or follow her having a child and so on. The ideas for a sequel sound a little staid and dull.

What do you think? What story would you rather see?



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