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McTeigue reveals Raven plot

EdgarAllanPoe.jpgJames McTeigue has been talking about the plot for his upcoming film Raven, a film that is set to look at the last days of Edgar Allan Poe, days which remain a mystery merely because he was found half dead, muttered someone's name on his death bed, and there was no CSI or FBI team to perform an investigation into his final hours.

However it's going to make a great thriller when they start to go speculation mad and make up their own history, combining some of the stories of Poe with the missing days. This is where McTeigue's plot comes in.

Speaking about the film The Raven he reveals not all, but some.

”There's basically a serial killer loose in 1850's Baltimore and he's using Poe's stories as his methodology, so then he leaves clues at each murder and says it's up to Poe to find him before he kills (again).”

He's talking to Coming Soon through JoBlo and goes on to say that he's looking at Europe for locations rather than Baltimore. Sounds rather strange to me, but then older European locations could suit the period and the character of Poe rather well.

However I didn't realise that Poe was a private investigator as well as being a great writer. However why not? Sure it's creating an imaginary history, but it's far enough away from the character and the events that it's not really going to harm the history of who Edgar Allan Poe really was is it?

It's also interesting to imagine a film like this made by James McTeigue and just what he will come away with.



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