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More Avatar footage online

Avatar.jpgThere's more footage online for James Cameron's Avatar, something I'm rather surprised about as I thought Cameron, after the preview day, would want to keep as much quiet about the film as possible.

However he's not, and there's footage appearing week after week, probably to try and get the hype built up as much as possible. Well I think it's actually working, and here's more.

First up is a short clip that features Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch talking about his interaction with Jake Sulley, played by Sam Worthington, and the conflict that is set-up when he “goes native” with the aliens he's trying to understand and infiltrate.

What's interesting about this Avatar clip is that we get a little more about that torn conflict, and the fact that while Sulley is actually involved with the science team to help find a peaceful answer, Quaritch wants to use him as a mole to find out some secrets about the race in order to take their land by force.

Here's the first clip through Latino Review:

Next is footage from 60 Minutes through Coming Soon, where they interview James Cameron talking about Avatar, showing some great behind the scenes footage, and delving into some of his other work as well as looking at the 3D invasion, something I still hope dies a death.

Mind you, James Cameron's comment about O.J. Simpson being the Terminator could be a legal faux pas, and I'm really surprised it was left in!

I think Avatar looks great, but is it really going to be the move to 3D that everyone thinks? Are we really going to get 3D televisions and cinemas? Perhaps one day, but the cost of replacing all the home cinema equipment yet again is horrendous, then think of the cinemas who are still in the process of rolling out digital projectors, do they want to go full 3D so soon and upgrade again?

Oh, and I'm not talking about the glasses wearing 3D, I'm talking some future 3D where there's no need for glasses, because I'm sure as hell not upgrading my home cinema television to then sit and wear shades in front of it all day.



Not long to go!


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