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More Spider-Man 4 casting rumours

AnneHathaway.jpgThere are some films that just attract casting rumours like flies round something very smelly. They just pour out one after the other. Hey, did you know I've actually auditioned for Spider-Man 4? I can't tell you what part it is yet, and that's nothing to do with the fact it isn't written yet, but never mind.

No the latest rumour is that Anne Hathaway is “being approached” to star in the film. Now what that means could vary from some executive sitting in their office musing over the idea to a lawyer actually talking to her lawyer, but that's a might big range. None the less that's the latest rumour, and already it's being snapped at as the Black Cat casting.

Well let's be clear, that character is only being snapped at because the other rumours and “sources” have been saying Black Cat is the next character to appear in the film, none of us really know and it's all just rumour and speculation. Of course it might be nice if it was the case because the character could fit in well with the story along with a new villain.

However since it's the leading rumour, of which there have been many, we might as well go with it, and actually she does fit well. Yet there have been rumours galore, and the recent one was quoting Romola Garai who said she had auditioned for a role in Spider-Man 4 and the quote she had given was being dissected and analysed in relation to her character in the film and all sorts. However reading the whole article she was mentioning the quote which came from a billboard she saw leaving the train station on the way to the audition!

That's how crazy rumours can be, and never mind the ones from “sources” who email in and say they know something about the production – I've had one on the site dropping comments on various film articles claiming they know about the production, but never responding to emails and contradicting themselves and going wild every other email – it's a messy business to get caught up in.

So the latest from Deadline Hollywood Daily suggests that the studio has “approached” Anne Hathaway to play a role in the film. Perhaps so, but we don't know who that role is and just about every actress that can be thought of that could fit the rumoured role of Black Cat has already been mentioned. Who next?



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