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Nakata directing Voice From the Stone

HideoNakata.jpgNews has finally arrived of what will be Hideo Nakata's next film, and disappointingly it's not his adaptation of Out or the remake of The Entity, instead it's news of a film called Voice From the Stone from a novel of the same name and adapted by Mark Wheaton.

The story does soung an interesting one though, a female child psychologist takes on the case of a young boy who made a promise to his dying mother that he will remain quiet until her spirit returns. Expect scares when the boy says anything!

I do like Hideo Nakata, and I think this sounds an interesting project for him to be taking on, but I am sorely disappointed that he won't be remaking The Entity next, the "based on a true" story of a woman who is continually abused and raped by an unseen presence. The original film with Barbara Hershey is one I remember seeing when I was younger and left a fair impact, although I suspect a viewing now might prove disappointing, however a remake could be rather strong, especially with our love for psychological horror and things that go bump in the night.

Then there's the adaptation of Natsuo Kirino's Out, an excellent Japanese writer who's novel really did capture me and I thought could make for a strong film. It tells the story of a woman who is abused by her husband and one day strangles him and seeks the help of her co-workers to dispose of the body. This leads from the boring suburban life of working night shift in Tokyo factories packing food, into the criminal underworld and mixes the women in a world there may be no escape from.

Instead it looks, according to The Hollywood Reporter, like this might be the next from Nakata, at least it won't be another Ring, something that I wouldn't disagree with, I'd just like to see him move on from and deliver his talents to something different.

I wonder if Voice From the Stone is going to be enough of a move away from the ideas of Ringu, perhaps as much as The Entity might be.



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