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New Daybreakers trailer online

Daybreakers.jpgThere's a good new trailer arrived for Daybreakers, the vampire horror film (no neutered vampires who drink milkshakes and hang out at the mall during the day here) starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Isabel Lucas and Claudia Karvan.

The film is written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig and tells the story of the world in the year 2019 when real vampires have spread across the planet like a virus. There are next to no humans left, and the ones that are alive are being harvested for their blood.

There's a crisis coming, much like the one with our own natural resources today, but it's much closer. The vampires are running out of humans to harvest. There are still some alive and hiding out in the world, a resistance of sorts, and a group are teaming up with some like minded vampires to find a cure to the virus, reverse people back to humans, and save everyone before it's too late.

I really love the parallels in this story, particularly around the fact that the dominant species is running out of their resource and facing a disaster that will drastically change, and possibly end, all their lives.

Then there are the other aspects of the two groups having to work together in some way to ensure that they can all survive, but it means the changing of the dominant group forever. Add to that there's the distinct impression that the dominant group don't want their lives to end or for the people at large to know about it.

It all sounds somewhat familiar and rather cleverly written. Then over the top there's the fact that it's a cracking looking horror film with plenty of stylised action.

Here's the latest trailer for Daybreakers through Latino Review, tell us what you think. Is it looking a better alternative to the weak vampires of love and romance?



I'm really looking forward to this, definately looks better than the recent vampire films out lately. Sam Neil is great as a bad guy!


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