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New Toy Story 3 trailer online

ToyStory.jpgThere's another trailer online for Toy Story 3, and to be honest it's less than exciting. Once again there's footage from the previous films, and then we leap into the third with plenty of stuff flying past the camera.

However when we do get there it just feels there's something missing, the real story of the third film and of the problems with Buzz, we've seen it before in other trailers so why aren't we seeing it here in this one? Why is it just dropped?

I'm not suggesting there's something nefarious in it all, it's just that I can't understand why this trailer seems to be going backwards and showing us less. I do wish they would stop showing us so much of the previous films, we've seen them already, we know this is another Toy Story film, there are clues everywhere, now let's see something new or don't bother releasing old footage.

Saying that it's still not terrible and has me interested in the new film, but it doesn't have me anywhere near as excited as the previous films did.

You can see the trailer for Toy Story 3 right here through First Showing:



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