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Nine Musical trailer online

Nine.jpgThere's a new, sexy trailer online for Nine featuring some great location shots, some wonderful huge set pieces on stage, and all mixed through with Kate Hudson performing a number while the others appear in various sexy outfits and doing lot's of bending over in bust-lifting outfits.

I'm finally totally sold on the film. Oh, and we see Daniel Day Lewis walking around and looking to camera a few times. Get out of the way man.

Yes, I may have been having a wee joke there at the trailer for Nine, but it is pretty true. It looks like your average music video that is relying on sexy women a little too much and there's nothing about the story here at all.

What it does do though is show off a couple of the excellent locations and the amazingly big set pieces on stage, they do look wonderful. Singing wise, I don't think that Kate Hudson would make it to the final of X-Factor...mind you if the idiot twins can.

Have a look at the new trailer and see what you think of her singing and the portrayal of the film:



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