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Oldboy remake dead again?

Oldboy.jpgIt wouldn't take a betting person to place a bet on Hollywood never being able to remake Oldboy (Filmstalker review) , whatever the reason, but when Steven Spielberg and Will Smith were announced as being involved in the production, and more than that started seriously talking about moving it forward, I was flabbergasted.

However it looks like it's another western remake attempt that is hitting the brakes rather rapidly, and the sanitised Hollywood story of Oldboy looks set to die a death once again, and that's a good thing.

Of course for now it's complete rumour and there's no guarantee that this is correct, but a "source" is calling the production over, and over big time.

It would seem, according to Latino Review, that the two production companies behind the film just couldn't agree on the project and the sides have split. Mandate and DreamWorks just didn't agree and they've walked away from the deal, that includes Steven Spielberg and Will Smith.

That's the second big attempt down the drain, the first being from Justin Lin, however this attempt was to go back to the original source comic series and adapt that story, so they were saying it wasn't to be a remake.

Whatever it was or wasn't, it seems like it isn't now. Is this good news for anyone?



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