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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 confirms director and star

RobMarshall.jpgWhile speaking at a press conference about his current film Nine, which I've just shown another trailer for earlier, Rob Marshall revealed that he's set to take on the helming of the next Pirates of the Caribbean film, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth in the series and the one expected to turn solely onto Captain Jack Sparrow, lose many, if not all of the characters involved in the series previously, and create a new potential trilogy.

While talking about it, he may also have put to bed the potential rumours about whether or not Johnny Depp is returning to the role of Sparrow.

You'll remember that there's been some rumour back and forth about whether or not the star would return and who the director would be, well now Rob Marshall may have just made that confirmation for both when he was talking about his new film Nine.

”I'm doing 'Pirates of the Caribbean”

Well that is about as straight up as you'll get to hear. He was speaking at a press conference about Nine and had just been asked about his next film by AICN, the story comes through The Playlist.

The writer then goes on to say that he mentioned that he had a wonderful meeting with Johnny Depp about the film a little while ago and that they are both excited about working together.

While “a little while ago” could mean before the Disney head that started all the Pirates films got sacked and Depp was reportedly a little upset about it all indicating he might leave, it could also mean after, and there's still the chance that the tantrum was overplayed, if real at all.

Well it does look like he'll be taking up the directing duties on Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, if all goes to plan, and that Depp could well be returning to the lead role, would you really expect anything else?



Interesting choice. I like how they haven't gone for a safe director and I like how both Marshall and Verbinski didn't really direct films with much action in prior to Pirates.

I still think it's a bit pointless doing a fourth film, but who knows (or cares)?


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