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Planet 51 behind the scenes featurette

Planet51.jpgWith the behind the scenes featurette for Planet 51 we get tons of footage from the film that we haven't seen before, and the stars talking about the film too. There's Dwayne Johnson, Justin Long, Jessica Biel and Seann William Scott with a hat I just couldn't stop staring at.

The key here is the footage, there's plenty of it, and it gives you a good taste of what the film is about.

Planet 51, by the way, is about an astronaut who lands on a far away planet to investigate the possibility of life, and when he lands he finds an alien race living in a style not unlike America in the fifties, in fact exactly like it.

There he's treated as an alien, with some threatened by his arrival, and a few intrigued. One such boy tries to help him get to his ship and escape home again, while the authorities want to lock him up and investigate him. Meanwhile the people are generally paranoid about such things, and if you think of how America was in the fifties, flying saucer and conspiracy laden.

Sounds cool, then add in a superb cast of the names above and people like Gary Oldman and John Cleese, and you have an excellent sounding film.

Watch the featurette for more, particularly some of the cooler ideas that mirror our society in the alien's reactions to the astronaut.



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