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Update: Prince of Persia trailer online

PrinceofPersia-Gyllenhaal.jpgIt won't be long before the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time trailer is removed, so while it's there I'd grab a look as soon as you can.

It's clear that the footage isn't meant to be the final release, it's framed within the picture and it's hard to see what's going on, but it's most definitely the trailer for the Prince of Persia film, and it's looking rather good even if it is in poor quality.

The effects are most definitely lost on the small, reduced quality screen, but the overall look and feel seems right. There's plenty of action adventure, big villains with epic scenes and the hero is quite the self-assured wise cracker with a gorgeous woman to woo who is avoiding him as much as possible.

Yes, seems like there are clichés galore in that write up, but in terms of the film it looks like it'll deliver action, adventure and fun, and Jake Gyllenhaal seems like he could play the lead hero rather well, of course he's backed by a superb cast, some of whom you'll see.

You can see the trailer for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time right here through /Film, and as soon as there's something of a better quality I'll post it up for you.

Fans of Prince of Persia the games, what do you think of the footage? Looks good? I wonder if Mike Newell can deliver a film that holds up to this trailer?

Update: Thanks to Pinewood Studios for pointing out that the trailer was already released on MySpace Trailer Park, last night we weren't allowed to view it, but I wake up this morning to see it in all its glory.

You can nip over to MySpace and see the trailer in a much larger format.

It just struck me though, as I watched the trailer again in full glory why this seems so comfortable, why it seems to work so well, it's The Mummy films. Even the main characters could so easily be confused with those from that film, it just fits together perfectly, even the dynamics between the male and female leads.



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