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Puss 'n' Boots really still happening?

PussinBoots.jpgI'm struggling to believe that Puss 'n' Boots is really still happening. I mean let's face it, Shrek has been gone for some time now and they're still trying to ride the film on the coat tails of that film, and they really are with the recent news of casting for the film that's set to follow Shrek.

Puss 'n' Boots is going to be following exactly the same road that Shrek has if the news today is anything to go by, because according to that they're casting the role of Humpty Dumpty in the film.

Seems rather strange to me that they're starting to cast other fairy tale characters in the film, well actually it doesn't, because it has nowhere else to go other than to follow the Shrek model, just with a new lead character. He's not big and green, he's Puss 'n' Boots.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Zach Galifianakis has signed on to play the role of Humpty Dumpty in the film, and it says that both Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek are still signed on to voice characters, with Banderas reprising his role of Puss 'n' Boots.

Tom Wheeler is still writing the screenplay, which must be running a record on the writing time now, and the film is still aiming for a release in November 2011, even longer after Shrek made the character famous in a doe-eyed scene.

I struggle to see the mileage left in the character, and the film will surely do little more than replicate the formula of Shrek with the different lead. How long can those little eyes keep us glued to the screen, and can they even win us back? I wasn't won over in the first place mind you, and I think their time would be better spent with a new Shrek.



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