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Risk the film

Risk.jpgNot that long ago people would complain about video game adaptations like they were the were the worst thing ever, despite them coming away with some good adaptations and video game sources just like any other source, well now they have something else to complain about, the adaptation of board games.

The latest adaptation is Risk, the game built in 1957 by Albert Lamorisse. Originally it was called La Conquete du Monde, or The Conquest of the World, and it was just two years alter that Hasbro bought the game and called it Risk.

Now Sony has picked up the rights to the game of Risk and is bringing the worldwide known game to the big screen.

For those of you who don't know the game, it sees a world map with players starting in with their armies in small areas, looking to expand and fight to gain as much territory as possible. It's a game of calculated chance, of the tactics of war, and undoubtedly that's the way the film will be going.

In fact the Columbia Pictures President through The Hollywood Reporter says just that he expects the film to concentrate on the strategic and tactical aspects of the game.

You know what, this is one board game adaptation that I can get on board with, if you'll pardon the pun. It has the potential, there's something there, and something that could be adapted to good film.

You see I'm thinking there's something here in the board game side of things, for the scriptwriter it's so much more freeing. Look at something like Halo or Lord of the Rings, they're steeped in a locked down history, filled with rules and characters all totally fleshed out and already alive and well in people's heads. Then you've got a board game like Risk with nothing holding it back, the screenwriter can go anywhere with it. The scope is huge in comparison.

However the scope is huge for success and failure alike.



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