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Schrader holds Bollywood for The Jesuit

PaulSchrader.jpgIt was the end of last year that we heard Paul Schrader was leaving Hollywood for Bollywood, and last month we had an update on the film project which saw him pairing with writer Mushtaq Shiekh to develop Xtrme City.

Now though there's word from Schrader himself that this won't be his next film and it'll actually be a film in Mexico and it will be an action film called The Jesuit.

Xtrme City was to be a bilingual film with east and west talent and film styles mixed together. It tells the story of a former U.S. ranger whose sister-in-law is kidnapped by a crime lord in Mumbai and teams up with an Indian commando to rescue her.

The last we heard was that Paul Schrader wasn't entirely happy with the script and he rewrote it. One would think that at that point you'd see him directing, not so for some reason.

The Hollywood Reporter through The Playlist have the story that Paul Schrader is in fact heading to Mexico to direct The Jesuit, which is described as an action/revenge film by the man himself.

"I am first going to complete my next film "The Jesuit" in Mexico slated to start shooting in the coming months...This is an action/revenge film about a Tijuana guy from Texas who travels to Mexico. So "Xtreme City" should begin after I finish Jesuit."

There's nothing more that is said about the project and it's really difficult to find more information about it, but Schrader is definitely headed to Mexico next to direct The Jesuit with the Bollywood film up afterwards.

More information as I find it, but I still find it very surprising that Schrader's projects seem to struggle so hard to find the relevant financing and distribution deals in Hollywood considering his name and reputation.

However if he has to go abroad to get his films made then so be it, and it might be better for us in the end as he gets his creative freedom.



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