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Scottish Blair Witch Project remake?

BlairWitch.jpgI'm surprised I didn't hear about a new horror film coming out of Glasgow, especially when I'm an hour away in Edinburgh, but it took a US site to alert me to the fact that a new horror film in production in Glasgow is looking to remake The Blair Witch Project.

According to the report this is a remake about three film-makers who set out to film a documentary about a local legend, and from there we're going to see something akin to Blair Witch, but with Scottish accents.

Let's face it, the Scottish version would see the leads taking on the Witch with their bare hands and winning, after all a diet of porridge for breakfast, Scotch Broth for lunch and Haggis for tea coupled with drinking Irn Bru would result in a far different outcome than the original.

Okay, joking and stereotypes aside, the story from Bloody Disgusting doesn't reveal the sources, but a quick search gave the following casting call from Backstage.com:

THE BLAIR WITCH REMAKE, SCOTLAND Bob Greensworth (prod.) is casting The Blair Witch Remake, a thriller about three experienced filmmakers who set out to shoot a documentary about a local legend. Stacy Hopkins, dir. Shoot starts Dec. 10 in Glasgow, Scotland. Seeking-Dennis Hither: 22-38, an experienced filmmaker, LEAD; Michael Adams: 22-44, supporting; Donald Walker: 22-38, an experienced filmmaker; Allison James: 21-35, Michael's girlfriend; Various Roles: children aged 3-10 and adult, mal…

There's nothing more on it, and to get the full story I'd have to join the site and find out the details. Anyone else a member of a casting site like this that could get hold of the full blurb? Mind you it seems there's not much more to be had at the moment.

A Scottish remake of The Blair Witch Project from director Stacy Hopkins? Well we have the countryside and the legends to go along with it, as well as plenty of spooky old castles - filming in Slains Castle perchance?



If the title is literally "The Blare Witch Remake" rather than "The Blare Witch" then I'm thinking it's a spoof kind of thing.

Kids go out to recreate it and get themselves into trouble with a local legend. Like Big Jock the piss smelling trap witch of death.


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