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Sgt. Rock in the future

SgtRock.jpgThe adaptation of Sgt. Rock, the World War II comic character, has been having a rough time on the way to development and Joel Silver has apparently been trying to get the film made for some twenty years. Now though there's more than a whiff it might happen, there's a stench of something much bigger.

Francis Lawrence, yes the man behind I Am Legend (Filmstalker review), is set to direct the film which was written by Chad St. John, and Akiva Goldsman has joined as a producer alongside Silver. This is definitely getting much bigger.

You can read about the history of Sgt. Rock over on Wikipedia, but he first appeared in an issue of a comic called Our Army at War in 1959 which was renamed Sgt. Rock in 1977 and ran for another eleven years. The character led an infantry unit called Easy Company during World War II.

However the original setting looks like it will be going, something that will probably be a positive move considering the demand for an international audience, and not just putting out another film about an old American hero (or group of heroes) from another medium and trying to pitch them as America saves all.

There's no clear word yet where the time period will end up other than "in the future", so we could be going beyond our future, or perhaps being relocated in Afghanistan or Iraq, my personal preference would be to move it to one of the current conflicts and modernise the entire story and character, but then would it be Sgt. Rock anymore?

Perhaps if they moved it further in the future they would have more license to keep the character more fictional and retain some of the aspects of the original.

Are there Sgt. Rock fans out there who could enlighten us to what would work best? Who should play the character - did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger was once attached to play the character?

With the news from Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon that Francis Lawrence is set to direct, we have to have a huge amount of positive feelings for the film, thrilling, stylish, and perhaps more gritty than expected, this could turn out to be a great decision for the character.



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