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Spielberg developing King's Under the Dome

StephenKing.jpgIt was good news for Stephen King fans when we heard that his latest story, Under the Dome, was coming to the big screen, but news today brings great and not so good news for the film.

Great news first? Steven Spielberg is one of the executive producers on the project, so that's got to be good and looks like it might go the same way as The Talisman, and that's the not so good news, it's going to become a mini-series.

The story of Under the Dome (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is about a small town which suddenly becomes, and see if you can guess this bit, covered by a big, invisible force field.

DreamWorks TV is the company who have bought the rights, according to Variety, and that means we're going to be seeing a mini-series and it won't be coming to the cinema.

However this isn't a guarantee that it will get made, I mean look at The Talisman, that didn't work out too well did it? The series was halted after the budget just got too big, and that was a Stephen King story being executive produced by Steven Spielberg, so it's not a definite that we'd see the series getting made.

I wonder what it is about Stephen King stories that are always veering towards mini-series instead of actual films? I know he writes big books, but so do other authors. If Harry Potter can get sheared down to a film why not a Stephen King story?



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