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Stalked: Last Days of American Crime, Dark Void video game adaptation, American Gladiators, The Factory is happening

Sam Worthington is set to star in an interesting sounding science fiction film...

Brad Pitt's Plan B has picked up the video game Dark Void before it's even released...

American Gladiators really is happening...

So is The Factory with John Cusack...

Sam Worthington is set to star in another science fiction film, and while that isn't exciting news on it's own, the plot of the film is. According to Variety the film looks to the not too distant future where the U.S. government is planning to secretly broadcast a signal that could just make it impossible for anyone to knowingly commit an unlawful act. Sounds like a good idea, what could possibly go wrong? The story is based on a comic book by Rick Remender by the same name as the film, The Last Days of American Crime.

The video game Dark Void is set to be adapted into a film, except it's not even been released yet. The game follows the story of a pilot who crashes in the region of water known as the Bermuda Triangle. He finds though that he's far from home, crash landing in an alternate world which seems like a primitive Earth which is trying to defend itself from an Alien invasion.

Brad Pitt's Plan B production company is set to make the film, and it's surprising that Capcom is yet to release the game, in fact they will release it in North America and Europe in January next year.

The article from Variety is suggesting that it may be a starring vehicle for Brad Pitt, but then let's face it, any actor who has a production company with a film on their books is usually touted as potentially starring in it.

Back in May we heard that there was going to be a film about the American Gladiators, you know the television series that in the UK was just called Gladiators. Peter Iliff, according to Variety, is the man set to write the script for the film based on the television show which will also be called American Gladiators.

The film will see the characters made into superheroes, and with a series that has been seen in more than ninety countries and adapted into their own shows in fourteen other countries, it's looking pretty good for a successful film.

Iliff has already written Point Break, Patriot Games and Varsity Blues, and the film has the creator of the American series producing the new version.

I hadn't realised that John Cusack was starring in a film about a serial killer, he plays a New York policeman who is on the trail of the killer whose daughter is kidnapped by the psychotic killer and sends him spiralling downwards, being forced into some horrendous things to get back his daughter. Well he is, and ShockTillYouDrop have the reveal that Cusack was attached to The Factory in 2007 and the filming happened the next year, but then nothing had been heard after that.

They have the producer Don Carmody talking about the film and he says that there were some serious issues with the film and the studio behind it, and it's been reworked before release.

”The main thing is the ending and the beginning, which is a flashback sequence that needed to be shot in different weather...so it was always on the back burner until we could do it. After [producer] Joel [Silver] saw the movie, he wasn't so crazy about the flashbacks. They tweaked the ending and shot it a couple of months ago. So they're mixing. The picture's basically finished.”

Well I wonder if that's going to end in a good or bad way?



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