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Stalked: What Alice Forgot, April 23, The Vatican Tapes

Three interesting stories for films today, What Alice Forgot is about a woman who thinks she's just missed ten years of her life.

April 23 is the true story of a KGB sleeper agent in America who becomes too attached to his western life when it comes time to awake.

The Vatican Tapes is the story of a terribly botched exorcism covered up by the Vatican.

Read more about them all here...

Here's an interesting concept, the novel from Liane Moriarty called What Alice Forgot (Amazon.co.uk) is set to be made into a film. Not that the interesting concept is the fact it's being made into a film, but more the plot itself. Katherine Fugate is writing the adaptation of the novel which tells of a woman who suffers a head injury and awakes to find that she might actually be ten years older and have forgotten a decade of her life.

The most intriguing bit of The Hollywood Reporter story is that phrase "might actually be", implying that there's some doubt about whether she has actually missed ten years or not, and that could be interesting depending on how they play it.

With the news from Variety of the Heitor Dhalia being hired to direct the spy thriller April 23 we hear the plot being the espionage thriller which is based on a true story. Adapted from the book by Erje Ayden called Sadness at Leaving: An Espionage Romance (Amazon.co.uk
/ Amazon.com), it tells the story of a KGB assassin who is sent to Manhattan during the 1960's to blend into American life and build a deep-cover, waiting for the day when he would be called on to assassinate a defector.

What happens is that he becomes entrenched in western life, marrying an American and becoming a father, so much so that when the time comes for him to assassinate the defector he struggles between his new life and family and his country.

Dhalia is a Brazilian director who has been receiving a lot of praise for his films from his first film Nina to his recent Drained (O cheiro do ralo) and Adrift (A Deriva).

The director of Man on Wire, James Marsh, is to direct a supernatural thriller called The Vatican Tapes written by Chris Borrelli from an idea he and Chris Morgan came up with. The story comes through The Hollywood Reporter.

The film will follow the events after a video is leaked from the Vatican that shows an exorcism going terribly wrong. I presume that the horribly wrong idea is that the actions of the exorcism cause someone to die, and probably in a totally real world way rather than anything supernatural. Still, the story states it's a supernatural thriller, so maybe the exorcism is real and the court case ignores the religious and supernatural aspects. We'll have to wait and see.



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