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Stalked: Wiseman ends the world, Alien vs Ninja, The Carter released

Len Wiseman looks set to bring the world to an end…

Alien vs Ninja is coming to the UK…

Lil Wayne documentary The Carter to be released…

20th Century Fox has bought a pitch from Len Wiseman about the end of the world (as we know it) with Wiseman set to direct and produce the film about a group of people who survive the end of the world and there's a big mystery about how they got there and survived the final moments.

That's all we know from The Hollywood Reporter story so far. It's an original idea, and we know they are few and far between in Hollywood these days. Writers are being looked at as you read.

I'd heard about the film Alien vs Ninja the other day and just put it to the side, a film from writer/director Seiji Chiba that sees aliens land in Japan at a time where Ninjas were still alive and well, Ninjas who then begin to do battle with the aforementioned Aliens.

It didn't sound like that much, until the story from ScreenDaily today that reveals the film has a deal signed with Revolver Entertainment to come to the UK and with M Pictures to head to Thailand, and all it took was a one minute promotional teaser. Wow, I want to see that teaser.

The rapper Lil Wayne had been trying to stop a documentary made about him during his promotional tour for his 2008 album, but with the failure of his court case the film looks set to be released on DVD this month in the U.S.

According to the BBC the reason to try and stop The Carter, the documentary of Lil Wayne's promotional tour was that it showed the rapper's seemingly over-use of cough syrup.

Mind you the album that the promotional tour and the documentary is about was the best selling in the US at the time, and any exposure can be seen as good exposure, especially if it's negative and about a rapper, even if it is just about cough syrup…ahem.



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