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Star Trek Gag Reel online

StarTrek_Poster.jpgYou know usually gag reels are pretty lame and just hold the clips that fell to the floor last, obviously figuratively speaking there since there's no physical cutting these days. However the gag reel for Star Trek has made it online and it really is entertaining, more than that there are some genuinely laugh out loud moments.

Appearances are from the whole cast, and while there are some funny moments and everyone is all on-board (ahem) there's a final scene that is incredibly wacky and seems amazing that they kept going with it.

There's not much else to say on the subject but enjoy. Oh, maybe one thing. When J.J. Abrams keeps banging away on that microphone, whose ears is it banging into? I expected someone to walk round the corner and belt him one.

Here's the enjoyable Star Trek (Filmstalker review) gag reel which features plenty of the lead actors. Is that Abrams break dancing?



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