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Stephen Susco writing Hack/Slash

HackSlash.jpgSince I saw Red (Filmstalker review) I've been a huge fan of Stephen Susco, actually I thought he did some great work on The Grudge. Now he's set to adapt a comic book that I was thinking sounded great but just wasn't going to get there.

Now it seems it will, if Stephen Susco has anything to do with it, for he's now set to write the latest adaptation of the comic for the big screen.

Hack/Slash is the story of Cassandra "Cassie" Hack who is the picked on girl at school, her mother is the lunch lady and one day loses her grip on reality and heads out murdering everyone in the school that has ever done wrong to her. Cassie calls the Police and manages to save the last victim, however she watches her mother kill herself.

Leap forward a little and Cassie's mother comes back to life as a slasher and Cassie kills her. Cut to the future and Cassie is gorgeous, Megan Fox gorgeous, and has decided to roam across America hunting slashers and killers. She's now deadly as well as gorgeous, and uses both to great effect. You can read more about the story on Wikipedia.

It does sound perfect for Megan Fox, and she's already suggested that she could do the role herself when word of the adaptation came out, something that I think Jennifer's Body has helped push her forward to.

The story from Bloody Disgusting tells us that Stephen Susco has signed up for the project, which quite frankly is superb news.



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