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Ten Best Days of My Life shows a bad side to the afterlife

AmyAdams.jpgWhile some are suggesting this is a remake of Defending Your Life, the Albert Brooks written , directed and starring film, although to me it sounds like it owes more to A Matter of Life and Death from 1946 starring David Niven.

However the story of Ten Best Days of My Life has something a little different to it and portrays the afterlife a bit like a company with a hierarchy and a promotional system. Sounds a bit odd doesn't it?

According to The Hollywood Reporter Josh Klausner is set to adapt the novel The Ten Best Days of My Life by Adena Halpern (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). The film is already set to be directed by Shawn Levy and starring Amy Adams.

The novel tells the story of a woman who dies and enters the afterlife. She's promoted to Seventh Heaven, the top class in the afterlife – because after all there's class, corruption and human organisation even in the afterlife.

It seems that the woman does something to upset those in charge, or perhaps someone in the god organisation reviews her film and decides that she hasn't actually earner her right to be in the top level, because she's suddenly in danger of being demoted unless she can prove that she lived a worthwhile life by recounting her best ten days.

It all sounds a little harsh and humanised for a mythical, perfect, other worldly life. The whole idea of her trying to "prove" that she deserves to be in first class of this other world sounds a little off kilter.

Still, it's a set-up that could deliver a good story, but I'm just wondering if it's going to go towards a lighter, funnier realm than the material could go.



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