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Texas Killing Fields gains Mann's daughter

BradleyCooper.jpgThe Texas Killing Fields is to finally be directed by Ami Mann, the daughter of legendary Michael Mann, who is set to produce the film. Both Michael and Danny Boyle were once set to direct the film, but it seemed that it was going to be too difficult to adapt, until now.

The film is based on the murders in Texas where four bodies were found abandoned in the same place on interstate 45 near League City between 1983 and 1991. Two of the bodies still remain unidentified and all of the murders remain unsolved to this day.

The bodies were all those of females who had been sexually assaulted before being murdered, two being shot and two beaten to death, all were lying naked, facing upwards, arms crossed in front of them and laid to rest very close to each other in the same place. Police had suggested that they had been laid there so that the killer could walk between them and view his kills.

Speaking of the film Danny Boyle once said:

"Texas Killing Fields' was a fantastic script, really special script, but it was just so dark it would never get made. You'd have to have half a dozen super megastars for a studio to even consider making it…It's by an ex-cop from Galveston and visually would have been extraordinary, but I don't think that's going to happen."

The story from Pajiba through Total Film tells us that the film will be based on the script written by a Texan police officer, the script that Boyle found difficult to see made into a film, but apparently it will be, and there are now two stars attached.

Sam Worthington and Bradley Cooper are the names attached to star, and it's suddenly sounding like a great project for all those concerned. Ami Mann will really get a big break with this film, while Bradley Cooper is going to be able to break free of the comedy and lighter roles he's being associated with, that is if the film turns out to be as dark as the material and the true life story suggests.

For Sam Worthington it's another great film to increase the diversity of the films he's getting involved with, and helping pull him away a little from the big budget epics he's being associated with.

The Texas Killing Fields sounds a superb project, and the casting an interesting list, but will Ami Mann direct the project? I suspect Michael Mann will be there to support.



I wonder where the filming locations for this film will be, other than (probably) Texas.

I have lived in Houston for over 30 years and remember hearing about these killings on TV. I have also owned a Hair Salon for over 28 years in Houston and my female clientele were all afraid to drive from Houston to Galveston during that time. I remember a young woman telling me that one night she was driving that long stretch from Galveston to Houston when a police officer pulled her over with his lights flashing. When the officer approached her car she noticed that the officer had turned off his flashing lights and also his head lights. Afraid for her life she hit the gas pedal and took off. The cop did not follow. I think she may have been very lucky. In my opinion, and having driven that stretch many times myself I would say that the only way a female would stop and pull off the side of the road at night would probably be for a police car. Maybe this movie will jog someone's memory and they find the killer.

They built a housing development over the killing field and today my daughter lives in that subdivision its kind of creepy to wonder was one of the bodies found in my backyard. We hope that when the movie is made it wont cause a bunch of sightseers.

For the person who asked. Its being made in Louisiana. Everyone remember the families of these victims still are live around here. So use sensitivity when making comments.

Thanks Mozelle for those comments, sounds like your client had a huge lucky escape.

Srv - that is a concern with all true stories like this, but I don't think the film will do that to the location. Mind you if it does, it'll bring tourist revenue into the area, no matter how unsavoury it might be.

I live right down the road from this area and I can assure you that we don't want any tourism in League City. The town is made up of mostly subdivisions full of families raising children, schools and small businesses. This is a strong middle to upper class family orientated area and we want to keep it that way.


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