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The Amityville Horror to get remade again?!

TheAmityvilleHorror.jpgHow ridiculous is this getting, and why do the audience keep going back? Word is out today that there's consideration of another remake of The Amityville Horror. That's after the recent remake, which is the second remake after the four film run, one 3D and a direct to video before its death.

Since then there's been two remakes, including the recent 2005 version, so the question is why would there be a need for another?

So word comes that Dimension and Weinstein, who are fast becoming the horror remake people, and that there's a director in talks for the film already according to Bloody Disgusting.

They also mention that Dimension have a habit of stopping and starting films, and so it might not be as quick to get made as we don't all hope!

Still you have to question why we need to see another newly wed couple make the same mistake as everyone else and head to that house once again. Look, it's haunted by evil spirits, that's five couples now, don't buy the house no matter how cheap it is.

Why oh why? Why do we need to keep revisiting these films? Is there really such a lack of new material to get something original or even vaguely original made? Do the studios really have to keep thinking in this pack culture? One makes a type of film and they all have to? One remake makes some money so they bleed the franchise dry?



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