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The Black Hole trailer online

TheBlackHoleRobots.jpgThis is a little bit of nostalgia here, and nothing like a recent release, but it's a film that I think is one of the many that really could benefit from a remake, whereas so many of the Hollywood films that are remakes just now aren't needed or wanted, The Black Hole is one that could work.

You can see from this extended trailer just how dated it looks, and if you've seen the film you know that even now it still packs a powerful story, some great characters, and tons of adventure - Vincent and Old Bob? I had the two models, and yes, Old Bob made me cry.

However dated it most certainly is, and if you've seen it you'll know that the ending leaves a lot to be desired, although it is a cool ending considering the studio and the time of release.

The Black Hole tells the story of the research space vessel USS Palomino investigating a Black Hole in space, and while they're looking from afar they see that much, much closer, close to the point of no return than is deemed safe, is a ship, a lost ship called the USS Cygnus.

They venture towards the ship and discover that aboard it, the sole human survivor Dr. Hans Reinhardt, has built an anti-gravity shield that holds them in place, and the mysteriously missing crew may not be that far away.

It's a cracking film with everything that you'd want from a science fiction film, with a surprising amount of menace and science fiction questions considering it's from Disney.

There was some word that a remake was coming, but it's never materialised. Maybe yet. Here's the long trailer that I saw pop up today on TrailerAddict for a trip down memory lane.



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