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The Flying Scotsman for free in Edinburgh

TheFlyingScotsman-ScotPress-Sm.jpgI've been a huge supporter of The Flying Scotsman (Filmstalker review) since it was released, I loved that film, and it really touched me on a very personal level and struck me as a great Scottish film. It's just a shame that a lot of people who held purse strings for the film didn't think so.

Still, it got made, got released and found a huge audience, and we're all glad of that for it's a superb film and Scotland should be proud of it. So it's superb news to hear that the Filmhouse is showing it for free as part of the St. Andrew's Day celebrations this year.

It's not just one Scottish film either, there are a few they are showing for free this year on Sunday 29th November:

11.15 I Know Where I'm Going plus Tam-o-shanter
13.15 Mrs. Brown, with Billy Connolly and Dane Judi Dench, plus shorts from the Scottish Screen Archive
15.30 The Flying Scotsman, the film of the legendary Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree starring Johnny Lee Miller, plus shorts from the Scottish Screen Archive

To find out more and to get your tickets, head over to the Filmhouse site, thanks to itsonitsgone for the heads up.

I'd thoroughly recommend watching The Flying Scotsman (Filmstalker review), it's a great film and hugely inspirational.

It's not just that fans of all things Scottish, for as part of the St. Andrew's Day celebrations you can get into loads of places for free, places you'd normally pay for, and there will be events all over the city. Head to the official St. Andrew's Day Do site for all the information, and join in the Ceilidh on Sunday night too.



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